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Bowens Timber

30 October 2014

Bowens Timber delivers outstanding service with a Peacock Bros. solution.

Less paperwork, more time-efficiency and better organisation

Bowens Timber’s delivery system remained the same for over 100 years – whether it was by horse and dray in the early years, or by the trucks they’ve been driving for the last 60 years. The system lacked real efficiency – no visibility of vehicles, what problems they were encountering or the ability to communicate that information with customers. For Bowens Timber to move forward, CEO John Bowen knew it would need to start delivering an outstanding level of service.

Peacocks Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) solution, in partnership with Intermec by Honeywell, provides real-time visibility about deliveries for Bowens Timber. Proof of delivery is as simple as taking an onsite photo which is back within seconds to the main server - especially useful with unattended building sites. That’s evidence for clients and allows Bowens Timber to meet its KPI: On Time, In Full. There’s less paperwork, more time-efficiency and better organisation for drivers and dispatch – but most importantly, there’s always an answer to ‘Where’s my delivery?’

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