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Zebra replacement of the Xi series to ZT

11 April 2019

It was announced on November 1, 2017 that Zebra would be ending sale of the 105SLPlus, 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4, and R110Xi4 with the last distribution order date on July 31, 2018. After review of demand for the printers, end of sale has been extended through March 29, 2019.


Product Transition Timeline*


Last Order Date

March 29, 2019

Last Ship Date

June 29, 2019

End of Service Date

June 29, 2024


Service and Support: End of Service Life Policy

Zebra Technologies Corporation (“Zebra”) will provide service and support for products manufactured by Zebra for a period of five (5) years, commencing on the last day of the product’s final shipment.

Zebra will make reasonable, commercial attempts to continue to repair products beyond the five-year period at Zebra’s option:

• To meet contract commitments

• Where a significant commercial requirement is identified

• Where Zebra judges that there is sufficient commercial reason to warrant continuance of repair and support

Should technology used in the product become discontinued, obsolete, or no longer available in the public domain, making parts or assemblies no longer available for these reasons, Zebra at its discretion will evaluate the impact and if significant, consider the feasibility and economics of a design change to enable continued repair.

The End of Service Life period may be changed at Zebra’s sole discretion.


What will replace the 140Xi4?

  • The 140Xi4 will not be replaced. If the media used is more than 4.09” in width, the ZT620 should be used as the replacement printer.


What will happen to the 220Xi4?

  • The 220Xi4 is not being discontinued and will remain available indefinitely.


Are there any features that were standard on the 105SLPlus or Xi4 printers that are not standard on the ZT510/ZT600 series printers?

  • The Parallel port is now an optional connectivity card, part number P1083320-040.


Are there any features that are standard on the ZT600 printers that were either options or not available on the Xi4 series printers?

  • The bi-fold media door with clear window and the media supply spindle are now standard on the ZT610 and ZT620 (had been standard only on 600DPI 110Xi4).


Will the same labels and formats work with the replacement printers?

  • Yes, provided the width and DPI match.


What if I need a SKU that isn’t listed, for example a ZT610 with wireless and rewind?

  • If the SKU you are replacing isn’t listed in this notice or the regional price list, you will need to order the base model with the correct media handling option (tear/rewind/cutter), and the connectivity/RFID option kit(s). In the above example, you would order the ZT610 with rewind and the wireless connectivity option kit. Wireless connectivity can be added to any ZT510/ZT610/ZT620 printer, and UHF RFID can be added to any ZT610 or ZT620 printer.

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