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Better for the Environment, Better for Your Bottom Line Peacock Bros. Sustainable Packaging Solutions

28 July 2020

Environmentally friendly, recyclable backing, more labels per roll = less roll changes and increased productivity

Peacock Bros. is committed to sustainable label and packaging solutions that are good for the environment and for our customers. As a leading manufacturer within the industry, our environmental policies are very much aligned with waste reduction and sustainability. 

Environmentally friendly with efficiency gains for your business

Peacock Bros. has developed “GreenLiner” as an environmentally friendly option for your labelling needs. Our product comprises a recyclable label backing material that is also thinner than your standard backings, giving the added benefit of an additional 45% more labels on a roll. This means less waste and increased operational efficiencies via fewer roll changes, allowing you to be more productive and benefiting the environment.

Traditional glassine and PET liners, cannot be recycled with normal paper as a sophisticated de-inking plant is required to facilitate the removal of silicone from the bi-product. Consequently, the only option in Australia for removal of this waste is that it goes straight into landfill.

GreenLiner, however, is incredibly easy to recycle. It can be disposed of via your company’s existing recycling processes requiring no additional investment on your behalf. You simply dispose of it in your existing plastic recycling bins, saving on waste management costs whilst strengthening your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Resulting from extensive research and product development, GreenLiner is an excellent label liner suitable for most labelling applications, including shipping and freight labels, product labels and retail labels. Our product has passed the toughest tests with leading applicator manufacturers, performing at high speeds of up to 1,000 labels per minute.

Take advantage of the benefits of GreenLiner including:

  • Incorporating environmentally friendly products into your supply chain
  • Easy to recyclable in your current plastic recycling bins
  • Improved efficiency gains with 45% more labels on a roll
  • No added costs
  • 54% lighter than traditional glassine liners reducing your packaging material weights
  • Saves on transportation costs
  • Uses less warehouse space

In stock and available now, ask us for a sample roll today!

Make a difference

At Peacock Bros., we’re extremely proud of our eco-friendly consumables.  

They’ll take you one step closer towards an environmentally sustainable supply chain, without compromising on quality. Increasing your productivity doesn’t have to come at an environmental cost - make a difference and let your customers know you’re ahead of the game!

Click here to make the switch now, or for more information and sales enquiries please contact our Sales team.

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