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Save costs. Save time. Save the planet. Switch to Linerless Labels.

09 September 2020

Why Linerless Labels?

Whether it be a manufacturing production line, retail environment, warehousing, transport and logistics or medical facility, increasing efficiency and productivity along with driving costs down are always desired goals. 

When labelling items or products is a key step in your production process or workflow for getting products to market, taking advantage of the speed and ease of application that linerless labels provide will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

What is a Linerless Label and how is it different?

Traditionally, adhesive labels are produced with a backing paper or liner. The label is peeled from the liner, stuck onto a surface and the liner is disposed of via your waste management system.

With linerless labels, the labels adhere to themselves, with no backing paper or liner needed. As they feed through the thermal printer they are automatically peeled and presented to the user ready to apply, eliminating the need to dispose of any waste.

Sealing or securing your food or drink products for delivery and consumption during COVID-19?

Seal your products to give your customers ​peace of mind during times like these. 

Using the linerless labels option is the fastest and easiest method for applying labels to your products once ready for delivery. 

The Benefits of Linerless Labels:

  • 40% more labels on a roll, increases efficiencies due to less roll changes
  • Increased environmental benefits through fewer rolls and less waste to dispose of 
  • Less waste management costs leads to increased bottom line profits
  • Faster application process from printer to product, increased production outputs and improved work-flows
  • More labels per roll resulting in less packaging, storage and freight costs

Contact us today to discuss a seamless transition to linerless labels for your business. 

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