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Enterprise-class WLAN for SMEs

23 October 2015


Small to medium sized enterprises have the same wireless networking needs of large businesses, but without the big budget and internal resources to manage the complex features and functionality of an enterprise-class wireless LAN.

That's why we're very excited about Zebra's WiNG Express as it offers all the big-business WLAN features you need, designed expressly for your business.

It’s a dependable WLAN that can heal itself, delivers high speeds for maximum productivity, and rock-solid security.

WiNG Express gives you:
  1. A robust enterprise-class WLAN you can easily deploy in minutes
  2. Real enterprise class wireless network performance with the highest quality and most reliable and secure connections
  3. The ability to start small and scale up to meet growing needs
  4. Powerful analytics and tools to manage your WLAN and its performance
  5. An attractive price point for SMEs without compromising on enterprise-class functionality.
For more information on how Zebra WiNG Express WLAN can help give your business the connectivity you need at an affordable price, contact us today. 


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