Product Catalogue

Washable Keyboards & Mice

  • SEAL TOUCH Glow 2 All-In-One Waterproof Keyboard
    SEAL TOUCH GLOW2™ Silicone "All-in-One" Medical Grade Keyboard With Built-in Touchpad Pointing Device - Backlit, Dishwasher Safe and Antimicrobial. The Seal Touch Glow 2 washable all-in-one keyboard has been developed to help prevent the spread of infections.
  • Silver Surf™ Waterproof Optical Mouse
    SILVER SURF Corded Optical Mouse With Built-in SEAL GLIDE Scrolling System - Dishwasher Safe & Antimicrobial (Black)(USB). Manufactured with SEAL SHIELD Waterproof Technology and SILVER SEAL infused plastic for antimicrobial protection of the mouse surfaces.