Product Catalogue

Xplore Computing

  • Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet
    The Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet PC incorporates the Intel® PCIe Solid State Drives (SSD) deliver over 2X improvement in disk performace and a 48% improvement in overall system performance.
  • Xplore F5M Rugged Tablet PC
    With sealed and full-body rubberized casing, the Xplore F5m Tablet PC is designed to prevent and survive bumps or drops that field workers can face on a daily basis on the job site.
  • Xplore XSLATE D10
    Xplore's XSLATE D10 fully rugged tablet. Driven by Android 6.0.1, Marshmallow and powered by Intel's Atom™ CPU. The D10.1" C1Z2/ATEX compliant D10 enables HAZLOC productivity, and it has more connectivity and performance capabilities than any other Android mobile PC.
  • Xplore Motion C5m Rugged Tablet PC for Healthcare
    With input from thousands of clinicians worldwide, the Xplore® Motion C5m Tablet PC is purposely designed for patient care professionals in the hospital, community clinic and home care environments.
  • Motion R12 Rugged Tablet PC
    All products in the R12 Tablet Platform were created by Motion to seamlessly and beautifully work together for incomparable efficiency and unbeatable productivity in public safety, construction and field service.