Flexographic Labels or Digital Labels?

Flexographic labels
All your printing questions answered, and we'll guide you to a solution that meets your specific needs.

Professionally printed labels are an investment into the success of your business. Which printing process should you choose?

Digital Printing

Digital printing presses deposit toner onto the material (substrate). Toner does not permeate the substrate, but instead forms a thin layer on the surface using a heat process.

Benefits of Digital Technology:

  • Fast turn around: doesn't require plates to be created or images distorted, setup time for the job is minimal
  • Higher image quality: digital images are printed as one image rather than on layers which means higher resolution images
  • Lower cost for short runs: by eliminating expenses for setup you lower the cost of labels for short runs
  • Flexibility: labels can be changed or updated easily at no addition expense
  • It is ideal for food, beverages, nutrition, personal care, private water bottles, regional specific goods, seasonal merchandise, special event branding, variable data printing.... and many other colour labels.

Peacock Bros uses the latest high speed digital label printing presses. Take advantage of printing quick short runs as you need them dramatically reducing your label inventory costs and allowing you to switch between designs, label information and variable data on the fly.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a method of printing that uses flexible printing plates made out of rubber or plastic. Each plate is rotated on a cylinder and coated with fast drying ink. The material is then passed between the print plate and impression roller.

Benefits of Flexographic Technology:

  • Enhanced durability: the best solution for labels that need to have a longer shelf life or those that will be used outdoors; it can be used for virtually any material
  • Speed of production: uses fast-drying inks that allow presses to add one colour after the next quickly; laminating, die-cutting, cold-foiling and other processes can be integrated to the press line making production continuous
  • Colour precision: uses the Pantone Colour System to determine an exact colour for your graphics
  • Low cost for large run print jobs.

With years of flexographic printing experience our colour labelling division delivers high quality, high impact full colour labels, tags and sachets. Our range of UV and scratch resistant laminates, paper, polyester and vinyl stock materials and clear films, adhesives and foils will ensure that you get that professional finish.

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