Clinical-Grade RTLS Solutions

Ensure safety and security of patients and critical assets with the most advanced visibility platform.

CenTrak Guardian

Visibility Solutions enable real-time tracking, management and security of medical equipment, staff and patients. The improved visibility provides a means for healthcare facilities to increase workflow efficiencies, reduce costs, protect critical assets and increase clinical quality. Visibility Solutions are comprised of various tags, badges, sensors, platforms (Wi-Fi, Infrared, Ultrasound and others), network appliances such as readers, exciters and other components like servers, middleware and end-user software.

Peacock Bros is a Certified Partner of CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology which outperforms any legacy tracking technologies by using a combination of patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™), Low Frequency RF as well as Wi-Fi. Battery-powered monitors and exciters transmit a unique location ID, which is received by any tag in that location. The tag then communicates the location ID and its own unique ID via radio frequency to the location server. From there, it can be accessed in real-time by hospital personnel. Monitors and exciters can be positioned wherever accurate location data is needed including rooms, hallways, beds, chairs and even bays. This data can be used to automate healthcare applications such as EMRs, patient flow and staff management.

CenTrak’s RTLS is primarily battery-operated and can leverage existing Wi-Fi networks to further simplify installation. The platform also supports the use of location data from Wi-Fi clients including computers on wheels, IV pumps and phones. It’s open platform enables location data to be seamlessly streamed in real-time to both existing and new applications.


Infant Protection

Each infant is protected by wearing a small, comfortable and unobtrusive tag which actively communicates with the system and supports bassinet level location visibility. Workstations display floor plans of the facility, showing monitored areas and protected exits. Should an unauthorized attempt to leave the monitored area with a protected infant occur, the CenTrak system will immediately set off an alarm, capture video image, activate door locks and even hold selected elevators.

Elopement, Wander Management

Pediatric Security: Ensure the safety of younger patients while giving them the freedom to interact with their peers on the floor. The system is programmable to allow pediatric patients to access common areas while other exits are secured.

Long-Term Care Resident Security: Empower residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security. Residents can pass through designated access points (e.g. to reach a common area), while others remain secured and protected within different areas.

Acute Care Wander Management: Protect patients from reaching restricted areas while allowing access to common areas. Patients can reach communal space, while remaining secured and protected from wandering into restricted spaces.

Tamper Resistant Tags: If a tag stops communicating with the system or a tamper event occurs, the system generates an alarm, displays an alert on the application workstation and logs the event in the system’s database.​

Environmental & Temperature Monitoring Solutions​

CenTrak’s Smarter Sensor™ records and tracks condition data remotely, eliminating the need for manual reporting. This creates an effective means to monitor critical assets, saving healthcare facilities time and money.

Staff Duress & Panic Alerting

CenTrak's Staff Duress and Panic Alerting products rely on active-RFID safety, security and visibility technology enabling immediate response times during emergencies by instantly locating the specific employee under duress. Assistance is only a simple button-press or pull cord away and provides staff members with the peace of mind knowing they are always protected.

Asset Management & Security

Determine the location of tagged assets with unmatched accuracy.

  • Enterprise visibility to asset location and status
  • Reduces time searching for equipment
  • Increases staff satisfaction
  • Automates PAR-level management
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Improves clinical workflow
  • Integrates with CMMS

Infection Control & Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

Protect your entire facility with the best-in-class infection control tracking technology. The same clinical-grade infrastructure may be leveraged for advanced applications - both hand hygiene compliance monitoring and automated contact tracing. Support recommended infection control recommendations and World Health Organization's guidelines for hand hygiene compliance to protect patients, staff and visitors.

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