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Chances are you're reading this article while sitting in a chair. And, if you're like most computer users, you've been there for a while. Consider how much you sit in a day: driving during your morning commute to an 8-hour-a-day desk job, and then relaxing on the couch in front of the television all evening.

There’s been a lot of research in recent years on the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods of time – studies finding a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and an elevated risk of mortality. The average office worker is a sitting duck for cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and back pain.

Ergotron products adapt technology to the physical needs of each individual. Create ergonomic spaces for better health and productivity. With monitor mounts and adjustable computer furniture, anyone can place a screen where it’s needed. These are affordable solutions for any business environment; realize measureable ROI while improving wellness and working satisfaction.

Check out the video below to see how flexible Ergotron’s products are:

Peacock Bros is a Gold Level Partner and  Authorized Installer and Service Provider of Ergotron, so you can expect only the best from our range of sit/stand work stations, wall mounts and medical carts.

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