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Accelerate revenue by driving efficiency and service.

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Operational transparency is the key to reacting more quickly to changes, making better decisions and dropping more profit to the bottom line. By moving from paper-based to automated systems, routes can be scheduled and also verified for plan compliance. Mobile workflow solutions capture every aspect of a dispatch workflow from the minute a driver gets to work through his final end-of-day vehicle inspection.

Increase your customer service with real-time track and trace, total goods and driver visibility, informed response to customer queries and agile response to delivery exceptions.

Increase cashflow and reduce costs with accurate invoice generation immediately after delivery, automated workflows, better route planning and fuel efficiency, increased productivity and reduced stock loss in transit.

Reduce delivery disputes and increase safety and compliance with accurate identification and delivery records, driver sign-ons and mandatory vehicle checks.

Travel the shortest possible distance with GPS navigation - optimize routes, scheduling and driver allocation. GPS vehicle tracking removes all written notes saving paper resources, errors in interpreting the notes and eliminating the need to re-enter any data for the end of day accounts. Real-time GPS tracking information is automatically available for these processes as well as reports on vehicle wear and tear, fuel used and more.

Developed in-house, Peacocks Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) delivers real-time data communication with your fleet for the accurate management of logistics operations.

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