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Security technologies that reliably protect original products against counterfeiters

Innovative Solution for brand protection

The number of counterfeit products affecting almost every industry has increased in the last few years. Counterfeiters make big profits from trading counterfeit products, at the expense of brand owners and consumers. The counterfeits, illegally marked with the brand name, are sold to frequently unwitting customers. As well as financial losses for the manufacturer, this also causes safety risks for end customers, because the imitations do not meet the usual quality standards.

Peacock Bros. and tesa scribos® have partnered to provide a solution to protect consumers as well as brand owners. The security solutions offers sufficient protection against imitation. Counterfeit protection labels such as tesa PrioSpot and tesa VeoMark enable to distinguish original and counterfeit products at a glace.

We are the exclusive Australian partner of tesa scribos®, and with over more than a century in ANZ labels manufactures. For more information, click here to download the brochure tesa scribos


Security Labelling

tesa PrioSpot®

tesa PrioSpot® technology incorporates various overt and covert security features. This means that some of these features can be seen with the naked eye, while others are only visible using tools such as a magnifying glass or special reading devices.

 tesa VeoMark® 

tesa VeoMark® sucurity provides clearly detectable proof of authenticity due to each individual product has its own unique verification markings. Each product has an individual identity which shows it to be original but can be checked without special tools.

The tesa VeoMark® technology is a proprietary, patented development by tesa scribos®. The individual security features are inscribed into the labels – on up to four different verification levels simultaneously – using a lithographic inscribing process developed by tesa scribos® reserchers.

Security Labelling

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