Transport & Logistics

If you're in the business of moving goods, access to real-time data is vital to your success.

Reduce operational costs. Improve delivery.

In today’s competitive markets, being able to track and trace goods and have clear accountability each time they are being handed over to another stakeholder is critical.

Peacock Bros’ solutions enable companies to accurately track every item throughout their supply chain and improve efficiency, saving immeasurable hours in cross docking, yard management and pick-up and delivery operations. With our technology partners, we deliver real-time information exactly where it's needed so companies have complete and timely visibility of their goods at all times.

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Mobile Data Capture

Mobile Data Capture solutions have become an essential part of any transport and logistics operation. With advances in technology offerings mobile devices and PDA's are now smarter, run faster and can wirelessly interface in numerous types of networks. Data Capture applications installed on Mobile Devices allow for real time visibility and interface with asset movements as they occur both inside your facilities and out on the road.

Peacock Bros specialise in creating endless smart applications that reduce the manual input and handling required for out in the field transactions and delivery tasks by automating processes and employing mobile data networks to instantly transmit activity information. Essentially your operators out on the road will provide you with instant asset status just as if they were inside your building locally. These solutions allow for more accurate asset management and complete visibility of all your operations form even remote locations.

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