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Peacocks Inventory Management Solution (IMS)

At Peacock Bros we understand the needs of warehousing and supply chain operations. We understand the importance of an effective, reliable and easy-to-use system that optimizes work flow, reduces paperwork, and improves overall productivity and efficiency.

With this in mind, we developed Peacocks Inventory Management Solution (IMS), a highly configurable warehouse management and optimization solution that has task-based rules - providing floor users a simple on-screen process to fulfil the processes of goods receipt, put-away, replenishment, stocking, picking, packing and dispatch.

Peacocks IMS is compatible with most ERP environments and data capture scanning equipment, and has the flexibility to match your operating requirements. Our experienced supply chain technology consultants will undertake a thorough analysis of your warehousing operation and broader supply chain goals to establish the most appropriate configuration for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage one warehouse or multiple warehouse locations
  • Easy to operate interface and inbuilt automation
  • Reduce picking mistakes, increase productivity and optimize space utilisation
  • Capture data from the warehouse floor utilising radiofrequency scanning terminals
  • Enhance customer support whilst reducing operating costs
  • Rapid return of investment
  • Compatible with common ERPs

Standard Features of Peacocks IMS

Receiving orders

Orders are imported from the ERP system and can be processed by entering the order number or selecting it from a list. The IMS system will display the next available location to pick the pallet against the corresponding order number. 


The Put-away function is used to move the received goods into the storage locations. The system can determine the best available location based on defined business rules.


The Transfer function is used to move pallets from one location to another. Movement records can be generated in the IMS to direct the operator.


With live and accurate inventory tracking the IMS system can notify when stock items are running low on a pre-determined minimum stock level, or if the items have run out for easy replenishment.


The Stocktake function is used to create new stocktakes, assign locations to operators and lock locations that contain discrepancies. You can re-count stock and confirm or update changes.


The Rework function provides additional pallet and item management functions including write off of a pallet or carton, merging two or more pallets and the re-printing of a pallet label.


The order to be processed can be selected by entering the order number or selecting it from a list. The IMS will display the next available location to get the pallet for the selected order number.

Packing & Shipping

The Shipping function prompts for the registration of truck shipments, a container number and the destination if pallets are placed into a container. Every pallet is scanned as it is placed on the truck or into the container with a summary for the loaded and remaining pallets.

For more information on how we can help your business, please contact us to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

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