By transforming patient experience, hospitals see improvements in their patient satisfaction and bottom line.

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Enhance patient care and operational efficiencies

Peacock Bros has been delivering world class healthcare solutions in e-health, point of care and inventory management for many years. We have strong partnerships with world-leading brands such as Zebra Technologies, Motion Computing, Motorola and Ergotron.

Our dedicated healthcare team works with you every step of the way from project planning, equipment selection, customization and implementation. We understand the need for specialist solutions within healthcare and have the experience you need to make the best decisions for your project.

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Patient Identification and Safety

Positive patient identification is the most critical component of improving patient safety; once an ID solution is in place, it is simpler to accurately track and manage other components such as specimens, medications, and materials to enhance patient safety and process efficiency in a multitude of applications across the enterprise. Identification begins in admissions.

With Zebra’s HC100 Patient I.D. Solution, admissions staff can produce on-demand barcoded, antimicrobial-coated, long-lasting wristbands so patients can be accurately identified throughout their hospital stay. The cornerstone of patient safety, Zebra wristband print solutions enable immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.

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